MmmTurkey is a framework for capturing and recording detailed worker behavioral data for tasks on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. 

As a Mechanical Turk requester, you can either create your own tasks using the MmmTurkey framework, or simply use it as an external tool in tasks you have already developed, either internally through the Mechanical Turk interface or externally on your own server, as embedded JavaScript.

As of 01/2016, I am the primary caretaker of the MmmTurkey framework. If you have any questions about the MmmTurkey framework, feel free to contact me at tmcdonnell [at] utexas [dot] edu. Additionally, here are some tools which may be useful to you:


  • Here is the original MmmTurkey documentation.
  • Here is the original MmmTurkey GitHub repository.
  • Here you can find Python code for extracting exported MmmTurkey XML data.
  • Here you can find my step-by-step setup instructions for Amazon EC2.

Mapping Collected Data to Turkers